This is a question we are asked a lot! A simple answer would be why not? But we understand this isn’t a very helpful answer so we thought we would take the time to briefly explain.

We understand the difficulties of life and wanted to try and do our bit to spread the love and help those who are in the ‘firing line’ of life. Whilst we take our hats off to those who donate to causes that help those in crisis, if commercial companies were focussed on launching projects into the market with a social conscience this would bring about a much needed positive change in a speedy time-frame.

Imagine if some of the major brands of today adopted this philosophy,

what a difference they could have made.


You can make money and go about doing good, albeit you make less

money as ‘the good’ costs but you still make a profit, so with greed pushed to one-side and replaced with focus on the well-being of others, we intend to launch multiple brands that go around doing some good.





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